PYROCRYSTAL S.r.l. projects, manufactures and install on a turnkey basis plants of chemical dosing finalized to many applications, between the most:

- chemical dosing skid for water to feed boilers;

- chemical dosing skid for cooling towers water;

- chemical dosing skid for eluates neutralization and reagent transfer.

Our plants are assembled on painted carbon steel or stainless steel skids, complete of transfer pumps, stock tanks (in plastic, stainless steel or  glass-reinforced plastic), mixers for reagent mixing, control switch boards.

About chemical dosing
With chemical dosing is meant any chemical composed that, mixed to water for boilers or cooling towers, integrates and completes its  treatment effected from primary plants (see: filtering, softening, demineralization). 

Generally chemical additives are employed in the following cases:

- pH correction;

- chemical de-oxygenation;

- stabilization of Silica (Silicon Dioxide) and hardness;

- anti-foam;

- specific protective films formation.

Problems that could occur into a boiler circuit, could be  easily identified in incrustation, corrosion and dragging. 

Such phenomena are more or less consistent in reason of the amount of chemical-physical composition of re-integration water, of exercise temperature and pressure, and of the constructive characteristics of the generator.


The contemporary dosage of more than one additive, de-alkalizeing, de-oxigenating and others, in different point of boiler circuit, will allow a great reduction of the above mentioned phenomena.
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