PYROCRYSTAL S.r.l. takes advantage of highly specialized staff to grant to the customers maximum efficiency of technical assistance both help-desk and on-site.
We also offer services of start-up, maintenance and conduction of our plants and for plants manufactured from other companies either on the  Italian territory and at international level.
PYROCRYSTAL S.r.l. through its internal laboratory, is also able to grant analysis  targeted to the best  dimensioning of supplied plants. 
Uffici e stabilimento: Via Tirso,16 - Fraz. Sesto Ulteriano - 20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI)
CAP. SOC. € 101.920,00 I.V. - C.C.I.A.A. MILANO 679446 - ISCR. TRIB. MILANO 125037/3199/37
Cod. Fisc. e P. IVA: 00777450156